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Pediatric Vision Care
Kids Welcome A focus of Southern Dutchess Eye Care is vision awareness and detection of vision problems in young children. The earlier a child’s vision problems are detected, the more responsive the visual system is to treatment, and the more likely a child may avoid or reduce their dependence on glasses later on.

We recommend all children begin receiving professional, yearly eye examinations by age 3 – sooner if your child shows signs of lazy eye, crossed eyes and other focusing problems, or if there is a family history of strong prescriptions. For other age recommendations, click here.

Corrective Vision Options

We offer several collections of eyewear geared specifically to the likes and needs of children, including the Disney and Safilo Jr. line. These popular frames are accompanied by our recommendations for shatterproof lenses and scratch-resistant coating. Our optical department also offers safety glasses and sunglasses designed with the child athlete in mind.

Contact Lenses

At some point, your son or daughter may begin to dislike wearing glasses, or find their eyewear interferes with their activities. When determining if your child is ready for contact lenses, it is more important to judge their maturity level and desire for contacts rather than age. If your child is responsible enough to adhere to their daily hygiene and remembers to perform household chores without prodding, they are probably ready to wear contact lenses. This can occur as early as age seven or eight, and for many kids by age 11. For more information about contact lenses, click here...

CRT (Corneal Refractive Therapy)

CRT uses a specially designed contact lens worn only while your child is sleeping. It works overnight to gently reshape the cornea to the desired correction. In the morning, the lens is removed and clear vision is enjoyed throughout the day. Should your child awake during the night, they will be able to see clearly through the CRT lenses. Other benefits include...

Disney Lenses

  • Offers more control over your child’s vision care since therapy is done at home. Broken or lost glasses, and dried up contacts are no longer a problem.
  • Great for active youth (athletics, dance, etc.) and those concerned about their appearance.
  • Safe and reversible. Your child can go back to contact lenses or glasses. LASIK surgery can be performed when your child is old enough to receive it.

Age Recommendations for Routine Pediatric Eye Care

Exam by 6 months if premature or low-birth weight infant; if mother had complications during pregnancy, or a family history of a high degree of visual correction or eye disease.

Exam by age 3 for all children to ensure visual development is progressing normally. Can treat problems more effectively during early stages of development.

Exam before first grade, then every two years if no visual problems exist. Children failing to progress educationally or exhibiting reading difficulties may need examined more frequently. Children who need visual correction, including contact lens wearers, should be examined yearly.
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