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Advanced Technology for Advanced Care
Southern Dutchess Eye Care is committed to bringing the latest technology to the Hudson Valley for early detection of eye disease - the most important factor in preventing vision loss.

For eye disease management, we have fully integrated digital imagery into our practice. Unlike the traditional method of hand sketching an eye condition on a paper chart, computer-aided images of your eye's health status provide exceptional full-color detail. We are better able to monitor and treat your eye disease by comparing images, and having the ability to easily share them with other physicians involved in your care.

Staying on top of new technological developments can require a significant amount of time in continuing education and a substantial capital investment, but as a doctor team we feel the significant patient benefits are well worth it. Here are some of the new technologies currently being used by our practice.

Electronic Medical Records

Heidelberg Retina Tomograph

Visual Fields Analyzer

OCT Retina Scanner

Corneal Topography

Fundus photography
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