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Contact Lenses  

One of the simplest ways to improve your appearance is by taking advantage of the latest in lens technology. Ultra-thin, lightweight lenses make “bottle-thick” eyeglasses and lined bifocals a thing of the past. We also offer the latest in recreation lenses for the amateur and professional athlete. These designs offer crisp vision, glare reduction, and the necessary safety protection for your peak performance. Speak with one of our knowledgeable opticians for sport-specific recommendations.

Contact Lenses
Contact lenses offer one of the most convenient and effective forms of vision correction. With recent advances in lens materials, most people can comfortably and safely wear contacts. At Southern Dutchess Eye Care we offer traditional replacement lenses, daily disposable wear, and 30-day continuous wear contact lenses – all competitively priced and available for direct shipment to your home or office.

Daily Disposable Contacts
With daily disposable contact lenses, you simply put in a clean, sterile pair of lenses in the morning, and then throw them away before bedtime. By replacing your contact lenses each day, as prescribed, there is little chance for long-term build up of dirt deposits, which can affect vision and cause irritation and discomfort to the eye. You never have to worry about losing or tearing one, because there’s always an extra lens within easy reach. Additionally, there’s no need to buy solutions or carry bulky bottles while traveling.

30-day Continuous Wear Contact Lenses
Focus Night & Day Contact Lenses are ideal for people with busy lifestyles, because they can be worn around the clock for up to a month, and then discarded. This unique lens allows six times more oxygen to reach the cornea than ordinary disposable or reusable lenses – even when eyes are closed during sleep. FDA-approved in 2002, already more than 500,000 people worldwide are enjoying the benefits of Night& Day lenses.

Custom Contact Fittings

Custom Contact Exam

Custom Contact Lens Design:  Our computer generated images of the cornea create a lens design  that nearly mirrors the cornea allowing the most precise and comfortable fit available.  The lenses (know) exactly follow and align with the central and peripheral cornea much like a well fitted glove, leading to better vision and a  more comfortable lens.  At SDEC we utilize this technology for the “hard to fit patients” including those with keratoconus or who have previously had corneal transplants.  For video of our Wave design fitting click here.

Online Contact Lens Ordering: Some patients assume that ordering contacts online will save them money, be more convenient or faster.  Most of our contact lenses are offered at prices comparable with online warehouses and can be shipped directly to patient or picked up for free at our office in one or two business days.  Patients have the convenience of ordering lenses with a simple phone call or can order online through our website 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Special Offers for Contact Lenses including Rebates and Free Trial Offers!


Understanding Your Contact Lens Care and Professional Fees (pdf 4mb)
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