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Laser Vision Correction
If you have occasionally wondered what your life would be like without the aid of contact lenses or glasses, you may be considering laser vision correction. Currently the most common type of this procedure is LASIK (Laser-Assisted-In-Situ Keratomileusis). It is an extremely effective outpatient procedure and is one of the most commonly performed surgeries in North America. Dr. Brian Peralta had his own vision corrected with LASIK in 2003. Click here to read more about his experience.

To minimize surgical risk, it is important to first receive an objective professional opinion regarding your candidacy for LASIK. When you come to Southern Dutchess Eye Care, your doctor evaluates your medical history, vision prescription, corneal thickness and other factors to determine your suitability for the surgery.

The LASIK procedure itself requires a great deal of technical skill and training to be performed properly. That’s why the doctors of Southern Dutchess Eye Care have aligned their practice with respected LASIK surgeon Jodi Abramson, MD. She is the Medical Director of TLC Laser Eye Center in White Plains and has performed more than 15,000 LASIK procedures. Additionally, she has taught LASIK technique to numerous other surgeons. When Dr. Peralta underwent LASIK, Dr. Abramson was his surgeon of choice.

The experience of TLC Laser Eye Center's group of doctors, the thoroughness of our examinations and the personalized care we take with each patient is first-rate. Insist on an experienced, quality-conscious team and you can improve your chances of the safest, best possible results.

We believe the skill of our highly trained affiliated doctors and expert support team gives you a critical advantage in achieving the best outcome. So does the vast experience each TLC Laser Eye Center doctor can draw upon as part of our group of thousands of affiliated eye care professionals. And TLC always features the latest advances in proven technology. The ultimate endorsement? More doctors - over 4,000 - have chosen TLC for their own laser vision-correction procedures.

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Is Laser Vision Correction Right For You?

If you would like to find out if laser vision correction is right for you, call us at (845) 896-6700 to schedule a consultation. We will discuss with you the procedure, the benefits, risks, your suitability and payment options.

Dr. Brian Peralta Achieves SUPER Vision with LASIK!

In 2003, Southern Dutchess Eye Care optometrist Brian Peralta underwent LASIK, achieving better than 20/20 vision. Dr. Jodi Abramson, the practice’s affiliate TLC Laser Eye Center surgeon, performed the procedure. Here’s his story.

"I began wearing eyeglasses at 10 years old – the real nice black ones like everyone else wore in 1969. With increasing age my eyes got progressively nearsighted. When people tell me they have to squint to see the time on the clock at night in their bedrooms, I would reply, 'Your eyes are great in comparison to mine – I can’t even see the clock!'
  Dr. Brian Peralta After LASIKAfter his LASIK procedure, Dr. Peralta surprised Dr. Abramson with his Superman T-shirt. He was looking forward to super vision and got it!

"As an adult, I had been seeing well with contacts but had a problem with dry eyes. At the end of the day the white of my eyes would be red, which doesn’t look so hot when you’re an eye doctor. I also have seasonal allergies, which adds to the dryness.

"I finally decided to have laser eye surgery after driving home from my son’s football game on the thruway. My eye was a little dry and itchy, so I gave it a good rubbing (like I tell my patients not to do) and out came the contact. I was alone driving over 60 m.p.h. with one contact lens in! I couldn’t find the lens, so I drove home that way. Not fun.

"Was I nervous the day of the procedure? Yep … but I was confident with the technology and with Dr. Abramson. Just normal butterflies. In addition to her reassuring manner, the surgical assistants were fabulous at making me feel at ease.

"The procedure was quick and my recovery was uneventful – no discomfort. I did have to use artificial tears until the temporary normal side effect of dry eyes was resolved.

"The results of my surgery are excellent! I see better than 20/20. Since LASIK doesn’t treat presbyopia – that over – 40 vision change that occurs – I will still need reading glasses in the near future. However, it’s great to be able to see first thing in the morning and not to have “red-white-and-blue” eyes at the end of the day. My wife thinks my eyes look brighter too.

"LASIK isn’t for everyone, but for appropriate candidates, it can be a great lifestyle enhancement. Dr. Weiner and I will continue to offer this option for our interested patients, along with other new and traditional forms of vision correction."
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