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Comprehensive Eye Examinations
A comprehensive eye examination is an important part of your preventative health care since many eye and vision conditions present no obvious symptoms. A professional eye health evaluation is also critical to managing other medical conditions that may show symptoms in the eyes, such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

For children, professional pediatric eye care (which is more comprehensive than school and pediatric vision screenings) is
Eye Examination
necessary for maximizing their learning ability. A thorough eye examination is the only way to ensure your child’s eyes are healthy, functioning properly, and seeing through an accurate eye prescription if vision correction is required.

Make a professional eye examination part of your family’s annual health care routine.

Age Recommendations for Routine Eye Care

Birth - 24 months Exam by 6 months if premature or low-birth weight infant; if mother had complications during pregnancy, or a family history of a high degree of visual correction or eye disease.

2 - 5 years Exam by age 3 for all children to ensure visual development is progressing normally. Can treat problems more effectively during early stages of development.

5 - 18 years Exam before first grade, then every two years if no visual problems exist. Children failing to progress educationally or exhibiting reading difficulties may need examined more frequently. Children who need visual correction, including contact lens wearers, should be examined yearly.

19 - 40 years Exam every two years, or yearly for contact lens wearers. More frequently if a family history of eye problems exist, if you work in a visually demanding or eye-hazardous occupation, or if you have been diagnosed with an ocular disease.

41 - 60 years Exam every one to two years. The normal aging change in the eye’s focusing ability will continue during your forties and fifties. Increases in eye health problems also occur during these years.

61+ years Older adults have an increased risk of developing sight-threatening conditions. Also, medications can cause visual side effects.
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